How Do I Force SoundCheck to Use a Decimal Point Instead of a Comma?

In some cases, Windows Regional Language Settings may result in SoundCheck using a comma as the decimal separator. This can also cause issues with calibration returning a failing result even if the device is within the correct limits. If you want to SoundCheck to always display the separator as a point/mark, you will need to add the following line to the SoundCheck configuration:


The configuration file can be found in your SoundCheckXX.X folder.

If you are using 32 bit SoundCheck, copy this line to SoundCheck XX.X.ini.

If you are using 64 bit SoundCheck, copy this line to SoundCheck XX.X (x64).ini. This x64 file is only created under certain conditions. If you are running 64 bit SoundCheck but do not have this file, download the attached file and add it to your SoundCheck folder.

This will force SoundCheck to always use the “dot”.

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