How Can I Listen to What SoundCheck is Recording?

If you are using a Listen AmpConnect or AudioConnect as an audio interface, there is a headphone output that can be used for this purpose. Both of these devices have two different headphone settings, SoundCheck Output and Input Monitoring. This can be adjusted from a message step or from default startup settings in Setup > Hardware under the Listen tab. For this application, it is recommended to use the Input Monitor setting. This will directly monitor what is coming into SoundCheck and also has an independent level option.


If you are using a device without a headphone output, it is possible to play back recorded waveforms from SoundCheck by using the signal generator. This requires the monitoring device to be setup in SoundCheck hardware and calibration.

In this example, computer headphones were added with the signal path "Headphones".

Once the acquisition is complete, the recorded time waveform will appear in the memory list under WFM. By clicking on Operate > Signal Generator, choosing Waveform, and selecting the monitoring device path SoundCheck’s recording can be listened to.

If you are using an interface without a headphone output and the input must be monitored at the same time as the recording, third party software can be used. Virtual Audio Cable ( includes software called Repeater. This allows any WDM signal to be routed to any other WDM device.

Open Repeater, set Wave In to the recording device input, set Wave Out to the device you will be monitoring with, match sample rate, bit depth, channel configuration and then hit Start. Now when the audio interface is recording into SoundCheck, it can simultaneously be monitored from another output.

Here, the AudioConnect input is being routed to Computer headphones for monitoring while it is also being recorded and analyzed in SoundCheck.

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