Support Contracts

At Listen, we want you to get the most out of your SoundCheck system, and our support team here in Boston is always available to support our customers. Additionally, our distributors offer local language and time zone support.

Basic Support

Basic support is available to all customers who license Listen software. Support services are provided by phone, email and our online support portal.


Premium Support

Support contracts for premium level support are sold on a per license basis and provide valuable benefits including:

  1. Upgrade to next major release - All valid support contract holders will have their SoundCheck license automatically updated to the next major release when it becomes available.
  2. Priority response - During periods of high support demand, premium support cases are prioritized over users without support contracts.
  3. Remote online support - Using the LogMeIn Rescue tool, Listen Technical Support agents can connect to your SoundCheck system, control your system remotely and transfer files to/from your system if needed. This remote diagnostic capability can significantly reduce the time it takes to resolve a Soundcheck issue.
  4. All valid support contract holders receive significant discounts on registration fees for both our in-person and online course offerings
  5. For brand-new SoundCheck users, we’ll get on the phone or remote login with you and help you get your system up and running.


A support contract is the most effective way to keep your SoundCheck system up to date with the latest new features, as well as ensuring priority support. Deep discounts are available for customers with multiple systems. 


Please note that only systems on the current version are eligible for a support contract. If your system is not on the current version, please contact your sales engineer for a price for an update/ support contract combination price.


Please contact for pricing information.

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