Getting Started with SoundCheck

This guide will help you get up and running quickly with your new SoundCheck system.


Part 1: Software Installation

Before you begin the SoundCheck installation, you will need;

  1.  SoundCheck software installation, using either
    1. DVD (shipped)
    2. Download link (included in email with status.dat file)
  2. Marx USB hardware key (shipped)
  3. The unique status.dat file (sent via email)

To install SoundCheck, first follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.


Next, follow the installation guide for your operating system.

Windows Users: Follow the Windows installation instructions.

Mac Users: Follow the Mac installation instructions.


Part 2: Hardware Setup

To set up Listen hardware, please follow the setup guide for your specific interface.

AmpConnect 621: Follow the AmpConnect 621 Quick Start Guide.

AmpConnect ISC: Follow the AmpConnect ISC Quick Start Guide.

AudioConnect: Follow the AudioConnect Quick Start Guide.

If you need further detail, please refer to the manual shipped with your hardware, or download it here.


Portland Tool and Die Interfaces: Please refer to your product-specific manual.

3rd Party Interfaces: A list of Listen validated 3rd party interfaces can be found in the Hardware Compatibility List. To set up 3rd party hardware, follow the 3rd party hardware setup tutorial.


Part 3: Development

To begin configuring your SoundCheck system and hardware for your application, please follow the SoundCheck Tutorial video series.


Your SoundCheck installation includes example sequences. These sequences can be run to demonstrate SoundCheck testing applications. Use these sequences as starting points to further expand your testing application. The sequences can be found in your SoundCheck installation folder > Sequences.


Part 4: Manual

The SoundCheck manual contains over 600 pages of specifications, configurations, and feature details and is your ultimate SoundCheck reference. The PDF manual is fully searchable - use the Find feature in your PDF to locate specific content.

You are now ready to begin using SoundCheck. If you have any questions not answered with the provided resources, you can contact our support team here.

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