How Can I View SoundCheck Data in Offline Mode?

SoundCheck includes an Offline display tab that is independent of any display steps present in an open sequence. It is even available when no sequence is loaded. This tab can be used to view data in the Memory List without affecting the state of display steps in an open sequence.

Using the Offline tab, you can create temporary displays in many different ways. Please note that this view is not saved when SoundCheck is closed and the display configuration will be lost unless saved as a Display Template.

  1. Double click on the data in the memory list. SoundCheck will automatically open the data on the most relevant display type.
  2. Right clicking on the Memory List item and select Display On. Choose either any existing display or create a new one. This allows finer control over display type and its content. For example a curve can be shown on a table with this method instead of the default XY graph. To add multiple items at a time, hold shift or control while selecting.
  3. In the Memory List menu, click Display > New to open a blank display type. Data can then be added onto this graph from the memory list by dragging and dropping it.
  4. Right clicking on the SoundCheck background will reveal a drop down list containing all display options.
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