Using Limits in the Multimeter

Did you know that SoundCheck’s Multimeter has built in limits that can generate a pass/fail verdict? Limits in the Multimeter can be very useful when trying to measure or set a level that falls within a certain range. Multimeter limits can be used in a sequence by using a Virtual Instrument acquisition step or by using the instrument in stand-alone mode.

To enable limits, click on  the Multimeter’s Limits tab and select the “Limits On” checkbox.  Limit entry can be done by entering the desired upper and lower limits into the numeric fields or by clicking and dragging the limit indicators onto the thermometer graph.  If the level falls outside of the set limits, the thermometer graph fill color will change to red and the Limits Verdict field will read Failed with a red background. If the level falls inside of the set limits, the thermometer graph fill color will be its default yellow and the Limits Verdict field will read Pass with a green background.


Multimeter Pass.PNG                            Multimeter Fail.PNG

When using Multimeter limits in an Acquisition step, the step number highlight in the Sequence Editor will be red for a failure and green for a pass.  Step logic such as Jump on Pass or Halt on Fail can then be applied using the Acquisition step’s right-click step configuration menu.

Multimeter verdict - sequence editor.PNG

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