Can SoundCheck Be Configured to Sort & Bin Products Based on Parameters Such as Sensitivity?

By using multiple limits steps in a sequence, SoundCheck can sort products on a production line.  In the example sequence "Product Sorting" (link below), the 1 kHz sensitivity is extracted from the fundamental curve and the result passed through two limit steps.  The first limit has a width of 6 dB and is used to judge whether the unit passes or fails.  If the unit passes it is tested against the second limit, which only has a width of 3 dB.  Passing this second limit places the unit in Group A, whereas failing it places the unit in Group B.  Depending on the result, one of three display steps is shown.  A text window tells the user which group the unit falls into or whether it is a failure.

The sequence could be modified to include Digital I/O message steps that would route products to specific bins based upon which group they belong.

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