How Do I Calibrate My Mouth Simulator for Flat Response?

Open System Calibration and select the Output Path you wish to calibrate. 


From the Calibration Sequence dropdown list, select Speaker Equalization. 


Select the proper Input Signal Path (typically Ref Mic)


Press Calibrate Device


The sequence will then prompt you to define the parameters of the calibration (level, frequency range) and then the sequence will run.  If any results are out of range, the sequence will abort. Otherwise, it will run to completion and place Equalization and Correction curves in the Memory List and a sensitivity value will be stored with the calibrated device file.

Once the calibration is complete, the EQ curve can be applied to the Stimulus by opening the Stimulus Editor, selecting Advanced View, Selecting the Calibrated Output Signal Path and checking the EQ checkbox.  Correction is applied in the Analysis step by selecting Apply Correction Out to the Stimulus on the Waveforms Tab.

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