Will My Audio Interface Work With SoundCheck in Windows 10?

Yes, if the interface was approved by Listen for Windows 7 or 8 it will be functional in Windows 10 (Hardware Compatibility List and driver downloads are available here). 

SoundCheck 15 was fully validated in Windows 10 and no changes need to be made.

For customers using SoundCheck 14.01 and below: Devices that are using ASIO or NI DAQmx drivers can be used without any additional steps taken.

AudioConnect and AmpConnect will need to use different hardware latency numbers than the default. Auto Mode must be disabled in SoundCheck 14 to manually adjust hardware settings. 

In Setup>Hardware change all input latencies of your AmpConnect or AudioConnect from the default 1000 to 250.

If you are using a CardDeluxe change the input latency to 0.




 As a reminder, if you are using WDM drivers on any operating system it will cause large and changing latencies so Autodelay must be used in SoundCheck analysis steps.

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