Why Is the Memory List Not Displaying the WFM Tab?

If Windows Font Size is greater than 100% SoundCheck will not display everything correctly. This includes missing the WFM tab in the memory list.

This can be adjusted by going to Control Panel > Fonts > Change Font Size > Smaller – 100%.






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    Toby Newman

    In Windows 7 running at 4K on a 15.6-inch display (e.g. Dell Precision 5510) the default Windows font size is 125%. Dropping this below the default to 100% makes the font impossibly small to read, with each tab being only 4mm wide.
    I'm aware that I can run a non-native resolution, but this is obviously not ideal and negatively impacts all other software running on the machine. Is there a plan to fix this bug to support modern screen resolutions?

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    Mark Latshaw

    Hi Toby,

    If you want to run a 4K display then I would recommend upgrading to Windows 10. It handles higher resolution displays much better than Windows 7, and there are scaling and layout configurations that will not affect the system font size.

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