How Do I Change the Order In Which Curves are Overlaid on a Graph?

When displaying a curve on a graph, the order in which they are displayed is dependent on the order in which they are added. In the example below, the Multitone curve is best displayed over the Transfer Function curve because it has less frequency resolution. To do this, add the Multitone curve to the XY graph BEFORE the Transfer Function curve.


The reversed order (Transfer Function added first) causes the Multitone curve to be obscured.

The order of curves added is also reflected when control+clicking or shift+clicking items from the memory list to drag into a graph. A group of items highlighted from top to bottom versus bottom to top will be displayed in the opposite order.

Some specific cases where the order of curves is extremely important is when filled baselines or Polar Plot graphs are in use. Filled baseline curves can completely cover pertinent information if the wrong order is selected. Polar plots increment in degrees every time a curve is added. Having the incorrect order of curves will completely alter the information shown.  

Good Order:

Bad Order:

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