Why Am I Getting a "SoundCheck installation aborted - Same version already installed" Error Message?

This error message is usually the result of a previous installation of SoundCheck not uninstalling cleanly, or an initial install not completing. The first thing to check is if the same version is still showing up in Windows.

In Control Panel > Programs and Features there will be a list of installed versions of SoundCheck. If you see the version in question, double click on it and uninstall. Then try to install again.


If the program is not in this window, the cause is usually a registry issue.

In the Windows Start > Search Bar, type "regedit" to access the registry. There are different locations for the SoundCheck install depending on the architecture in use:

32-bit versions of Windows:


64-bit versions of Windows with 32-bit versions of SoundCheck:


64-bit versions of Windows with 64-bit versions of SoundCheck:



Windows 7x64 with SoundCheck 13x64 and 14x64 installed.

Right click on the version of SoundCheck and select delete. Run the installer again and it will complete successfully.


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