Undo (Ctrl + Z) Options in SoundCheck's Sequence Editor

When creating new sequences or modifying existing sequences in SoundCheck, it is often necessary to revert back to a previous state by undoing changes. SoundCheck’s Sequence Editor includes an ‘Undo’ feature that is hidden within the right click menu that often goes unnoticed by users.

Using the ‘Undo’ option can revert changes made to a sequence such as insertion of new steps, deletion of existing steps and reordering of steps and even revert changes in the values of input parameters in a step.

For example, if you changed the test level inside a stimulus step from 100mV to 200mV, you could right click inside the sequence editor window and select ‘Undo’ to go back to the previous value of the input parameter.

There is also a ‘Revert’ button inside each step editor to make it easier to go back to original settings while editing various step parameters.

SoundCheck keeps a record of changes made to a sequence while working in the sequence editor, so it is possible to ‘Undo’ as many times you want to go back to a particular state. This is helpful if you were adding new steps to a working sequence and then you noticed that something broke at some point and you need to restore the last working state of the sequence.

A 'Revert' option is also available under the File menu which reverts the sequence back to its last saved state.

The ‘Undo’ function can also be accessed using the Ctrl + Z hotkey for ease of use.

One thing to note however is that it is not possible to undo changes once a sequence has been saved.


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