Why Is SoundCheck in Demo Mode Even Though I Own a License (SoundCheck 13 and higher)?

Note: SoundCheck 13 and up use a silver Marx USB hardware key. SoundCheck 12 and under use a green or red Rockey USB key. These are not cross compatible (e.g., you cannot use a Rockey key to run SoundCheck 14 and you cannot use a Marx key for SoundCheck 12). Please verify that a Marx key is in use.

First, verify that the status file path in SoundCheck is pointing to the correct Status.dat file. This is set in Edit > Preferences > Folder Paths > Status File Path. This must point to the Status.dat received from Listen. The status file must also match the SoundCheck serial number found on the hardware key.  

If the file path status.dat and the hardware key don't match, you will enter demo mode with ONLY the modules enabled on the status.dat used in the file path.




If the USB dongle is functioning correctly, there will be a red light on top of the key. If nothing is illuminated on the dongle, try the key in different USB ports on the computer. If it is in a USB hub, try to connect directly to a USB port on the computer. If there is still no light, try the key in a different computer with SoundCheck installed to see if it is a problem with the specific machine.

Restarting SoundCheck or the computer with the key in a USB slot may cause the key to be recognized and the LED to turn on. If it works in a different machine or it is not possible to test, remove ALL non-essential USB devices and restart the computer (essential would be keyboard or mouse). Now plug in the key and see if the LED illuminates.

In Windows Device manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers check to see if CBUS2 Ver 1.0 is present. If it is not, unplug the key, run CBUSetup.exe located in your SoundCheck install folder and then reinsert the key. This driver is also attached at the bottom of the article.



Mac OS

When using Mac OS, the LED will not be illuminated unless SoundCheck is opened while the key is inserted.

There are sometimes issues with powering USB ports that can be resolved by resetting the NVRAM and SMC. The instructions for these processes are available on the Apple website:

Resetting NVRAM:


Resetting SMC:



If the key is still not working, please download and unzip the attached marxanalyzer, run MarxAnalyzer.exe, save the report, and send it to support@listeninc.com. 



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