How Do I Save Unwrapped Phase?

Unwrapping phase will allow phase to be shown as a continuous plot even when the phase exceeds plus or minus 180 degrees. This can be viewed on an XY graph by adding a fundamental curve,opening the preferences, and selecting “Unwrapped phase” (see How Do I Display the Phase of a Curve? for more information).

This will only affect the display step, and if an autosave step is used to save the fundamental’s Z axis information, it will be saved in the wrapped phase format. To save unwrapped phase, a post processing step must be used.

Using a Post Processing > Unary > Unwrap Phase step will cause the unwrapped phase to become the default Z axis information. When the fundamental is saved, the phase data will be saved as unwrapped.


Wrapped phase on the graph as well as in a table. This is the default setting in SoundCheck.


Unwrapped phase is displayed. The fundamental is then ran through the post processing step to output unwrapped Z-axis data.


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