Can I use the Mentor A2B analyzer system with SoundCheck?

Yes you can! The A2B service can be configured to use input and output ASIO streams, which can be set up in SoundCheck the same as any other ASIO hardware. The device name will be "A2B ASIO" and the channels will be dependent on the ASIO streams configured in the Mentor software. The first time you set up the SoundCheck hardware table, the ASIO streams must be running in the A2B Analyzer service.

The first step is to create a session file using the A2B Analyzer Application to configure the networks and nodes that will be used. The A2B Analyzer Application can then be closed. Next, open the A2B Analyzer Service. Load in the session file created by the Application and start the streams. This will allow you to select the appropriate channels in SoundCheck hardware. Make sure to also match sample rate and bit depth in SoundCheck with your A2B Audio Stream configuration. After the hardware table has been saved, it will not need to be changed in the future. 


Attached to this article is a custom VI which can help integrate A2B testing into a SoundCheck sequence. This requires at least SoundCheck 16 to run. Different folders are available to download depending on which SoundCheck version is used.

To install the custom step:

With SoundCheck closed, copy "MentorA2B", "", and "A2B.llb" to the SoundCheck > System > Custom VIs folder. Open SoundCheck. Open a new sequence, and under Step Templates in the sequence editor right click on "Custom" and select "New...". Type in MentorA2B and click OK. The custom step can now be inserted into a SoundCheck sequence like any other step. 




 This custom step has three functions to help facilitate A2B testing in SoundCheck. These are selected in the Action drop down menu. 


Startup will load a A2B session file (*.ses file type) into the A2B Analyzer Service. This is helpful if different SoundCheck sequences require different A2B network or node configurations. This requires session files to be created ahead of time using the A2B Analyzer Application, but does not require the application to be opened. Run the A2B Analyzer Service and confirm the port number used. The Service will need to be running in the background during all A2B testing. 


This port number is 3030.


 In SoundCheck, drag the MentorA2B custom step into the sequence. Double click to open the editor, and select "Startup" from the Action dropdown. Point to the session file in the configuration file explorer, and enter the port number below. When this step runs, the configuration file will be loaded into the A2B Analyzer Service. 


The other two options will start and stop the ASIO streams in the Service. Disconnecting devices from the A2B Automotive Audio Bus while ASIO streams are running can cause some issues with the streams. To safely disconnect and reconnect new hardware between runs, place a Start ASIO stream custom step at the beginning of your sequence after the startup step an place a Stop ASIO stream step at the end of the sequence.


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