Why am I getting an NI-DAQmx error when opening SoundCheck 17.02?

When opening SoundCheck 17.02, you might encounter the following message:




SoundCheck 17.02 was compiled using NI-DAQmx 18.6 and earlier versions are not compatible. NI-DAQmx is National Instrument's data acquisition driver. It is only required when using National Instruments hardware, such as cDAQ or the 4461, or digital I/O. 

To check if NI-DAQmx is installed and to verify the version, there are two options.

1) If it is installed, NI Package Manager will show all installed National Instruments products. This can be found by default in Program Files > National Instruments > NI Package Manager. Under the "INSTALLED" category, look for NI-DAQmx and verify which version is installed.

In the screenshot below, version 18.6.0 is installed which will work with SoundCheck 17.02.



2) If NI Package Manager is not installed, go to Control Panel > Programs & Features and double click on National Instruments Software.


This brings up a dialogue box that lists all installed National Instruments Software. Look for NI-DAQmx and which version is installed.

In the screenshot below, version 16.0.1 is installed which will not work with SoundCheck 17.02



To upgrade to the latest version of NI-DAQmx validated with SoundCheck, please follow the link below:

NI-DAQmx Driver

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