How to View Your Calibration History In SoundCheck

Viewing the calibration history of a calibrated Input or Output device is a helpful way to track changes that have been made to the calibration file over time. This feature can be used for a variety of reasons such as; checking when operators and other personnel have performed a calibration or correction for your device as well to monitor if a device’s sensitivity has drifted over time.


Figure 1 - Last Cal Date

Inside the Calibration Editor the Last Calibration date is displayed as shown in figure 1, but the past history is not immediately available. This Last Calibration date is updated every time the device is calibrated (unity cal files have no history because they are protected and read-only).

In order to view the calibration history of a device, you must go to the Memory List and use the Data > Open Data command to open the calibrated device file of interest. Input and Output calibration files can be found at this location:\SoundCheck 17\Steps\Calibration.

When you open your file, the Memory List becomes populated with data in the Curves and Values tab. All past calibration events have a date and time associated with it as shown in the images below.



Figure 2 - Calibration History(curves)


Figure 3 - Calibration History(values)

Note: the most recent calibration data is at the top of the list and does not have a date and time stamp



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