Memory List Search Function

Memory List searching enables you to identify and automatically select certain curves and values in the memory list so that they can easily be added to a display. This accelerates and simplifies your workflow when working with multiple curves and data sets.

For example, a memory list contains the curves shown below, and you would like to display only the three fundamental curves on a graph.



First, click Data at the top of the Memory List and then select ‘Search’ (keyboard CTRL/CMD + F). This opens a window to enter characters/ keywords contained in the curve names that you wish to highlight. In this case we want to select Fundamentals A-C, so enter “fund” and hit OK.


This highlights the desired curves and they can be dragged over to an existing window or right clicked to display them on a new graph


This also has applications beyond displays – once curves are highlighted you can also perform operations such as re-naming, grouping or saving to a common file.

Watch video:

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