Lock and Unlock Displays

Displays in SoundCheck are able to be locked or unlocked by clicking the padlock icon on the memory list. Locking the display means SoundCheck will save the current display configuration. This is useful for users that want a specific display configuration to remain intact during sequence editing and running, as locking a memory list prevents unintentional alterations.


A locked display means windows cannot be closed, resized, minimized. The current memory list items shown will remain on their respective displays, but their data will update as the sequence is run. When a display is locked, all edits made are temporary. Memory list items may be added or removed, but once the display is de-selected SoundCheck will revert back to the display’s saved state. Unlocking a display will allow users to make changes to the current configuration. To save changes made to a display first users should navigate from the display step to the Offline tab of the sequence, then the display must be re-locked, and the sequence must be saved.



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