How Can I Test the Polarity of My Device?

In every Analysis algorithm editor, SoundCheck has a built in function to test polarity. This feature is only available when Auto Delay is enabled.

As opposed to determining the polarity from phase data, this method is completely independent of the distance between the microphone and the speaker. The peak of the impulse response is measured to determine overall polarity and a value is added to the memory list called Polarity. If the initial impulse response is positive, Polarity will have a Y value of 1. If the initial impulse is negative, Polarity will be -1. A limit step can then be applied to insure that everything is wired correctly.



One thing to note is that some externally polarized microphones have a negative polarity by design which would give opposite results out of the polarity test. Please see the following article for more information:

Why Does My Externally Polarized Microphone Have a Negative Polarity?

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