When measuring the Phase of a Microphone Array, how should I configure Auto Delay in Analysis?

When measuring phase of a microphone array, one of the mics should serve as a reference and the recorded time waveform from this reference mic should be analyzed separately. In this example, Mic 1 is considered as the reference mic. Recorded time waveforms of the other 5 mics in the array are grouped together.


First,  the record delay value should be calculated for this reference mic from the analysis step.


Then, the remaining microphone waveforms in a group can be batch analyzed in a separate analysis step using this record delay value. 


In the batch analysis step, go to the Delay tab, select Use Memory List from the Delay Type dropdown and select the record delay value from the reference analysis step.


The recorded time waveforms are then batch analyzed using record delay value from the reference mic (Mic 1 in this case) and phase response of the mic array can be calculated.

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