Can I Use the Outline ET Turntables With Soundcheck?

Yes! Using a Custom VI created by Listen software developers, SoundCheck is able to send commands to the Outline ET250-3D via an Ethernet connection. The sequence can be found in the SoundCheck  installation in Sequences > Loudspeakers > Polar Plot (Outline ET250-3D).sqc. 

UPDATE!:  As of SoundCheck 16, ethernet control for the Outline ET250-3D turntable is included in a SoundCheck Custom Step.
UPDATE!:  As of SoundCheck 19, the Custom Step is compatible with the ET50-3D and ET250R2-3D turntables.

Note: Turntables made January 2021 and after will require the UDP communication port to be set to 6667, 6668 or 6669. Port 6667 is the previous default. Once selected, this port should not be used for any other communication. 


A legacy version for SC15 Windows x-64 and macOS using a LabVIEW 2014 Custom VI is attached, as well as instructions on setup. 

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