How Do I Renew my SoundCheck Hardware Key?

SoundCheck USB hardware keys are time limited for a number of different reasons.  If you are using a time limited key and receive a message "Hardware key expires in 30 days, contact Listen for assistance" or similar, you will need to renew the key's time limit in order to continue using it.

Linked below are downloadable zip files containing the SoundCheck hardware key renewal utility and instructions for use.  Please take care to download the appropriate files for your Operating System and read the enclosed instructions prior to renewing the key.


If an error saying "No valid CRYPTO-BOX(R) found" is encountered, verify the hardware key is connected and the red light is on. If it is, open SoundCheck while the utility is also opened. Verify the hardware key is recognized in SoundCheck, and try running the utility again.

For macOS, once the file is downloaded permissions might need to be changed to run it. If the following message appears:


Open Utilities > Terminal, and type:

sudo chmod -R 777 "location of Request SoundCheck"

Enter your password and press enter. When running the app, the following error will appear. Click Cancel:


Open Apple menu  > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Make sure "Allow Apps downloaded from App Store and Identified Developers" is selected, then click "Open Anyway".


Another Dialog will appear, and select "Open". The utility will now open. 


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