Using Batch Processing with Analysis and Post-Processing

Batch processing allows multiple items in the memory list to be processed with a single post processing step, and batch analysis is used to analyze multiple waveforms with a single analysis step.

If there are multiple signal paths within an acquisition step, they can be separated into unique memory list items by selecting Use Signal Path. By default, waveforms in the memory list will overwrite each other, and appear as one item. Enabling Use Signal Path will create separate waveforms labeled with their respective signal paths. These items may now be grouped together by highlighting them, right-clicking, and selecting New Group.



Now this group is a select-able item in an Analysis step. In the analysis step’s Waveforms tab under Response, the custom group will appear.



Unique names can be given to multiple curves from the Analysis step. Enabling Add Input Data Name, or Use Signal Path Name, in the Curves tab of the Analysis step will separate each curve in the memory list based on it’s input.



Grouping curves, values, or waveforms together in the memory list also allows all items to be analyzed with a single post-processing step.



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