Why Does My Sequence Give a “Waveform Is Empty” Error?

SoundCheck will show the Waveform Is Empty error when a sequence step uses a waveform that has not been populated with data. This error is common with triggered record testing applications.


For example: if an Acquisition step's record trigger level is set too low or the time out is too fast, then SoundCheck will be unable to correctly acquire the waveform and the recorded time waveform will be empty. When the empty waveform is called in a subsequent step, SoundCheck will recognize there is no waveform data, show the Waveform is Empty error, and the sequence will fail.


Troubleshooting this error should begin by retracing the sequence’s steps to find where a waveform has not been correctly populated. Starting with the failed step, work backward through your sequence to find where the expected waveforms are created. Check the memory list if these waveforms are empty at the failure point in the sequence. An empty waveform is indicated by a hollow circle icon.


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